Thursday, September 8, 2011

My First Feature for My New Blog

French Country Cottage

I was really hoping to get a feature on my most recent dresser because it looks so fantastic (better in person than in photos – my aunt and cousin can attest to that), and I am so grateful to French Country Cottage for my first feature for my new blog.  Thank you so much, Courtney!

I have been working on a piece of my own furniture.  Very old and was a lot of work stripping the top.  I keep changing my mind on it.  First I painted it natural gray and then I painted over it a grass green because I want more of a color pop.  We’ll see how it ends up and hopefully it will be up tomorrow.

I also need to paint a door that is going on our office – just another step in the journey of getting that room done.  I keep rearranging the furniture because I am not feeling any room setup.  We’ll see.

My aunt and I are working on our major piece that I mentioned in an earlier post.  Hoping to have that finished up really soon.

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