Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sideboard Redo

I purchased this buffet from a Bed & Breakfast in Camden, ME.  It was advertised in a local virtual garage sale.  The price was right.  It's a beautiful piece and retails for over $1,000 used.  The finish was in great disrepair.  And I am not always a fan of many wood grains, patterns and colors.   Though I totally appreciate the craftsmanship.

I was going to paint it white, but after painting my Moroccan Red dresser, I just needed to try out another color.

The blue is Bermudan made by Behr Paints.  I also painted the brass hardware with satin black spray paint.  I was thinking about getting new hardware but it fit perfectly and I had never tried to paint some before.

I completely sanded the top so it would receive paint easily.

The photo with the entire sideboard is most true to the color.


  1. Well that turned out beautiful !!!
    What a great choice of color - and I peaked below at your red dresser - love how you embrace color !!!
    Gorgeous makeovers

  2. I love the blue! Although I have to say I liked the original patterned wood too. Sad it had gotten into such a state of disrepair. It needed someone to give it some love, and you did just that :) It's really cute.

  3. I like the way you painted this buffet blue. It looks fresh and interesting. I thin it will really suit in the room with light walls.


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