Saturday, June 16, 2012

New Art Sign Project

I have off and on been working on creating text art.  I have struggled to come up with different formulas that create the product I am looking for without spending huge amounts of money on letter press etc.  I do have publisher thanks to my amazing friends but have no idea how to use it.  And, if I use publisher, I would basically need to glue a print to a base and wouldn’t get to play around with paint which tends to be my preference.  I also don’t want to spend the money on a vinyl letter machine and I couldn’t find any vinyl letters at Joanne’s when I went there the other day. 

So I saw on Pinterest how you could make your own vinyl letters. 

Glad Press 'n Seal for Vinyl Transfers. Amazing brilliant and CHEAP!!


Of course being the thorough person that I am, I never actually looked at the website or read the instructions or even remembered what product to use.

I bought some contact paper at target which seemed to be the right product to me at the time in the store.


I created some text in PicMonkey.  I wasn’t really making a layout, just some letters to cut out.

I printed the letters on contact paper, cut them out and then applied them to a pre-painted board.  This whole process was quite tedious.  I don’t like cutting things out.  I had previously tried another technique of coloring in the letters with pencil and then tracing them onto some other piece I made.  That was also VERY tedious and a complete fail.  This time I almost quit cutting them out because I was imaging doing all of this work for NOTHING.  It’s all a very long learning process. 

Once I got the cut out and peeled contact paper on the pre-painted board, I painted the board more colors.  I let it dry for an hour and then peeled the contact paper letters off.  I used some sand paper to add dimension to the paint layers and then watered down some paste stain and applied it to give it a less bright look.


This was my result. 


Better in a frame.


Overall happy with my latest little project.

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  1. Very cute! I love the distressed back gound. I've used contact paper for making T-Shirst as well- it's so versatile!


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