Saturday, September 3, 2011

Our Next Project–Sneak Peek


Here is an antique freezer door I spotted when looking for a door for my office with my aunt Stacey and Uncle Johnny in a barn loft on the farm where they operate their business Fresh McKenzie.  I immediately envisioned a really cool piece of furniture and hopefully will be able to show you the finished product before the week is out and hopefully it’s really cool.


This freezer door comes from Miss Patterson’s honeymoon cottage – married to Napoleon’s brother in the Long Green Valley.  Now, of course, the freezer was added after they owned the cottage (which is a very large house), but the door is very old to say the least.  Very.


We vacillated between taking it down to the bare wood or sealing it in all of its as-is antique glory.  We chose the latter.  Now, though I grew up in Maine and come from generations of farmers on all sides of my family (some Polish, some mid-western and some Mainers), I have never really experienced a case of farm envy.  Recently things have been changing.  I honestly thought being bent over all day with blistered hands, a metal rake and sunburned skin while raking wild Maine blueberries cured me from hard labor for the rest of my life.  Then we bought the cleaners and I thought folding laundry was enough to really seal the deal.  But, the older I get, the more I can see why people are satisfied with working with their hands and the more I realize there are some serious treasures to be found in old barns.  Serious.  Maybe that’s what brought on the farm envy.

Hope to show you the finished product very soon.  Stay tuned…

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