Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Coffee Table to Remember

Behold – a coffee table to remember.

coffee table

Now imagine searching for a door for your office in a barn loft in the midst of massive piles of junk, heaps of raccoon poop and lots and lots of bird droppings.  And also hoping to avoid ANY encounter with a live animal whether furry or scaly.  That would be me a little over a month ago.  Then I stumbled upon something almost as shocking as the aforementioned.  A diamond in the rough.  It took us a week to figure out how to get this beast onto dry ground.  Well, onto the ground at least.  I didn’t do anything to move it but the vision I saw moved me.


Here it is all covered in bird poop.  DSC_0314.jpg

But still quite stunning none the less.


What is it?  Glad you asked.  It’s an antique freezer door from the honeymoon cottage of Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte (Baltimore, Maryland, 6 February 1785 - Baltimore, Maryland, 4 April 1879), known as "Betsy", was the daughter of a Baltimore, Maryland merchant, and was the first wife of Jérôme Bonaparte, and sister-in-law of Emperor Napoleon I of France (Wikipedia).  Now this freezer door was installed after the ownership of the Bonapartes, but is from a national historic house which originally was theirs. 


It is not only vintage, it’s art and now it’s a piece of furniture.


The underside is almost as beautiful as the top.

It took a lot of elbow grease from Stacey and me to clean this puppy up.  Johnny put the wheels on and was the muscle of the group.


Now, that’s a coffee table to remember.  And it’s for sale!

You can also see this post on my family blog – Henry’s Family.  I can’t make my mind up if I am going to have two blogs!


  1. This is stunning! So unique and creative. :) I'm a new follower!

  2. Love this table and so glad I found you. Excited to see more! :-)


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